What we sell

Hads Flies Co. Ltd is your one stop shop for hand tied flies. Hads Flies has been producing flies for the American, European and Asian markets and now in Kenya is emerging as a major source of flies for the wholesale and retail outlets in the developed countries. Hads Flies started its operations in 2007.

Fishing Flies – Tying Team

Hads Flies offers the best quality of hand made ties using the best materials, at Hads Flies quality is our priority. Our tiers are experts in all patterns. We have a large pool of expert tiers with a lot of experience in fly tying. We pride in using high quality materials. We adhere to strict quality measures and only the best products are passed to our customers. We use a variety of fly tying books with thousands of patterns. We are able to tie a replica of each pattern with consistent quality. Besides the traditional patterns in the tying manuals, we also undertake custom flies as may be required by the customer. We only need a sample of the pattern and/or a picture and we will produce the exact copy of the same.

We derive our competitive advantage from the depth and calibre of its technical expertise, management and the desire for continuous improvements to our operations. Hads Flies possess a demonstrated competence that stands out to be measured against any international standards. This competitive advantage enables us to offer high quality end to end services to our customers from ordering all through to delivery.

Our Vision
To emerge as the preferred fly tying dealer in the country by offering the very best fly patterns and through services capable of meeting exacting standards

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Packing Team 2022

Fishing Flies – Packing Team